Bruno Fernandes Ends the Madrid Thirst for Midfielder, says agensbobet888

agensbobet888 is starting to breathe freely, as Real Madrid finally gets a bright spot for getting Bruno Fernandes. Zizou is willing to end the barrens in Real Madrid aggressively. Madrid had brought in five players, Zinedine Zidane still hasn’t been satisfied with his squad. Even with Luka Jovic and Eden Hazard on the squad, other names like Pogba and Neymar are still on the target list of Zidane squad recipe. But, PSG and Manchester United are refusing to transfer these players, so the manager had to seek other alternatives, says agensbobet888.

agensbobet888 was mentioned as a good option to answer the Zinedine Zidane thirst of a midfielder. But the rumor seems to fade off as the negotiation seems to end. Van der Baek admitted that real Madrid is an amazing club, but he pointed out that there is a good opportunity if he stays in ajax which is also an amazing club. The deal was off after Ajax asked sixty-five million euros for the price, but Real Madrid did not want to pay more than fifty million euros.

Neymar, as he was also on the target list of Zidane recipe squad, declared that he only wants to play for Barcelona. While Paris Saint Germain needs cash, the club tags two hundred million euro for this ex-Barcelona Midfielder. To get him, Real Madrid has to compete with Barcelona and Juventus which also had submitted their proposal to get Neymar. As the summer transfer window is going to close soon, there’s still no solid deals that indicate Neymar will stay in Paris Saint Germain. Even if he had to go, he prefers to dock back to Barcelona, the club that raised him shining.

Tottenham and Manchester wanted Fernandes Too says agensbobet888

Bruno Fernandes was up for grabs by several clubs. He agreed to play for Tottenham Hotspur and Manchester United. He says that playing in Premier League was his dream. But the dream of the Portuguese player could not be realized because the manager set the price at 70 euro. He was actually okay with price below that. Being lowkey, he said that he doesn’t have high demand. But it all depends on his manager. And his manager said that his price is seventy million euros.

agensbobet888, who almost brought in Fernandes to their quarter, confirms the negotiation is off. Instead of paying seventy million euros as the price for him, Tottenham Hotspur had paid Real Betis fifty-five million euros for Giovani Lo Celso. Tottenham and Manchester United know that Fernandes wants to play in Premier League, but the decision falls on the manager.

Manchester United seems to regret the fact that they had failed to bring in Bruno Fernandes. Louis Saha, an ex-striker of Manchester United, assessed that the decision for not buying Fernandes is a mistake since now Manchester United lacks attack creator. Bruno Fernandes is a player with a great technique who could dictate the pace of a game. And it is what Manchester United really needs now. Not getting a creative midfielder is a mistake. Manchester United had lost from Crystal Palace, the vacuum of a creative striker seems to be the culprit, says agensbobet888.

Real Madrid sees Bruno Fernandes as the ideal solution that they can’t get Pogba. Paul Pogba was rumored to move to Real Madrid. But, Manchester United seems to hold back and make things difficult. Paul Pogba and Zinedine Zidane had talked personally, but the manager didn’t agree over the transfer.

Bruno Fernandes Deserves the Hefty Prices says agensbobet888

Last season, Fernandes scored 32 goals and 18 assists for the Sporting CP. Even on the last match against Rio Ave, He scored one equalizing goal in minutes ’20 before his team won 3-2. He showed that he really deserves that hefty prices.

Originally born in Porto, Portugal, He started his debut on a local club, Boavista FC. He played well that he could join Novara Calcio in Italy in August 2012. It’s just a few weeks before he was promoted into the main squad to play in the Serie B. It’s not long before him getting his way into Serie A. he joined Udinese Calcio in 2013. He had saved the team from losing by making it draw. He moved into Sampdoria in August 2016. In June 2017, he came back to his home country to play on Sporting CP.

He was not only shining on his previous club, but he also plays for the Portugal national team and scored 8 goals. It proves that he is really a great midfielder. The hefty number that Sporting CP put worth the price, says agensbobet888.

Fernandes transfer cancels Raphinha Going into Fiorentina

The decision that Bruno Fernandes is going to Madrid will have an effect on another negotiation process. As sporting CP only has limited midfielder on their squad, sporting CP would not let Raphinha leave into Fiorentina. The Club of Portugal Capital, sporting, will lack midfielder. The transfer of Fernandes will cancel the likelihood that Raphinha will be transferred into Fiorentina FC. Sure Madrid’s appetite for new young players is troublesome for many football clubs.

Fernandes transfer is also a dilemma for Real Madrid. As Paul Pogba said he wanted a new challenge, implying that he still wants to play for Real Madrid. It means the window for Pogba to leave Manchester United is still open. But the decision holder is not only Pogba but also his agent and Manchester United, says agensbobet888.

Real Madrid still wants Neymar. If Neymar would ever come back to Barcelona, Real Madrid would have a hard time to fight against Barcelona. One way to cancels it out is by buying Neymar, so he won’t fall into the hand of Barcelona.

If the deal is clear, Madrid will have more than enough midfielder and attacker. Even after bringing in Eden Hazard and Luka Jovic Real Madrid is still having James Rodriguez, Gareth Bale, Vinicius Junior, Luka Modric, Karim Benzema, and Isco. It seems that Zinedine Zidane really wants a mature preparation to walk on this season.

ibcbet says neymar Want to Return To Barcelona To Give Up At PSG

Since the transfer window opened this summer at ibcbet, Neymar has indeed revealed his personal desire to immediately return to Camp Nou, Barcelona. Because at PSG, the club he is defending now, feels uncomfortable again. This is evidenced by the number of times Neymar did not attend the training conducted by his club.

Hearing this, ibcbet will also fulfill Neymar’s hopes of returning. Also, his former team-mate there, Messi, hopes that the Blaugrana will immediately repatriate Neymar, arguing that he is eager to have a reunion with Neymar.

As proof of seriousness, finally a few days before the Spanish League transfer window was closed, the Barcelona submitted a proposal to buy the megastar, Neymar, to the PSG. No half-hearted, from Barcelona itself, has put forward some money plus several players in the proposal package submitted. But it seems that PSG is not satisfied with the proposed proposal.

Because there were no proposals that were satisfied for them, finally the Paris Saint-German, as the club where Neymar decided to give a separate offer to Barcelona to be able to release the megastar. The offer offered was no joke, PSG reportedly dared to release Neymar with a starting price range of 180 million euros.

This may be reasonable because before when in 2017, Paris Saint-German brought Neymar to reach up to 222 million euros. Until then, Neymar became the most expensive player in the world.

After learning the news, it turns out Barcelona is only able to offer starting from 130 million euros plus a few players. Players included in the offer are touted as Ivan Rakitic, Ousmane Dembele, and Jean-Clair Todibo. Even so, the Barcelona itself seems reluctant to release Ousmane Dembele as a permanent player to PSG. Allegedly because Dembele is a talented young player for the future.

When viewed from the perspective of PSG, they might naturally do that. Because currently, the PSG front line has decreased in the sharpness of the attack to their opponents. This is because PSG front-line players like Cavani and Mbappe are injured. So, inevitably the hope fell to Neymar for the front lines. With the hope of being able to sell Neymar at such prices, the club can buy some substitute players from other clubs.

With this disagreement, then Neymar’s dream of returning to Barcelona will not seem to be going smoothly as expected and desired by both parties, namely Neymar himself with the Barcelona club.

Not only that far, it turns out there are some big clubs such as Juventus and Real Madrid who also turned out to be willing to accommodate the former Barcelona star player. However, in terms of seriousness, Real Madrid is one step ahead of Juventus.

In response, PSG also gave a special offer to Real Madrid. The offer was also in the form of some money and also one young player in the Real Madrid squad, namely Vinicius Junior who was very young, 19 years old.

Although it has never been able to become a starter line-up in the Los Blancos main squad, PSG has observed its appearance and feels it has considerable potential going forward. This is natural because, with the presence of Vinicius Junior, it will be able to become promising front-line ammunition for the long term, and also replace Neymar, who is now 27 years old.

Hearing the news that Barcelona is experiencing constraints of lack of funds in the number of prices offered to PSG, Neymar himself said he was willing to help add these costs at his own expense. This strengthens for Neymar to immediately want to leave PSG.

PSG and Neymar indeed have experienced conditions of communication that are not harmonious. It was said, Neymar was only looking for popularity in big clubs rather than appearances to defend the club seriously. This was seen when PSG competed with Lyon, where Neymar and Cavani fought to execute a penalty kick.

Not only that, but Neymar also often does various actions to cause problems for PSG. Starting from making a fuss with other players, to various actions that should not be taken by a player on the field, such as hitting fans or threatening referees.

The President of Paris Saint-German, Nasser Al-Khelaifi, also argued because of his actions. He said that the players at the club were not just to please themselves, and condemned celebrity behavior. Of course, this indirectly insinuated the commotion that had been carried out by Neymar during his two years in Paris Saint-German.

Therefore, from the PSG side, they have now given the green light to any team that wants to take Neymar away. But on the condition, the offer given to them is quite satisfying of course. The relationship that is not ideal between Neymar and PSG makes them no longer comfortable with each other.

To smooth out the offer, it turns out Barcelona club president Josep Maria Bartomeu will hold a meeting with Paris Saint-German club president Nasser Al-Khelaifi at a hotel in Monaco, after both of them attended the championship drawdown.

Since a few days after Barcelona submitted a bid for Neymar to PSG, it seems difficult to realize the hopes of the megastar Neymar to return to Camp Nou. Exactly one day before the Spanish league transfer window closed, it turns out Neymar announced to stay at Paris Saint-German, says ibcbet.

Even so, the response was responded by Luiz Suarez, a former teammate in Barcelona as well. He felt that this time was a difficult decision for his friend. He also invited each party to calm down and ask Neymar to be the only people he trusted to decide what his fate would be for his future.

Les Parisiens himself claimed to be more interested in releasing Neymar to Real Madrid than to Barcelona. They believe, of course, the offer that will be given or the conditions they give are more able to be granted by the team from the care of Zinedine Zidane.

Although Neymar chose to stay, Paris Saint-German itself has revealed that their relationship is no longer ideal and they are also considering finding a replacement shortly. It seems, perhaps it’s clear, Neymar’s dream of returning to Camp Nou has vanished, says ibcbet.